We design, manage, and implement programs to advance inclusive development impact for everyone in the communities we serve.

At Chemonics, we believe that successful development programs are those that are led by and strengthen the resilience of the communities we serve — especially those hardest to reach and traditionally underrepresented in power and decision-making. Our network of specialists draws from industry expertise to integrate gender equality and social inclusion and put inclusive development at the heart of our work. Our teams consider identity factors — like age, ability, geographic location, ethnic and religious identity, indigeneity, sexual orientation and gender identity, and economic status — to inform analysis; program design; implementation; and monitoring, evaluation, and learning. We integrate safeguarding measures to protect people from unintended harm, such as preventing and responding to sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse; gender-based violence; trafficking in persons; child abuse; and other forms of abuse. These tailored approaches ensure that we program for equity to achieve equality across all countries and sectors where Chemonics works.