We advance cutting-edge research to drive evidence-based solutions.

Across the globe, Chemonics’ projects and experts carry out cutting-edge research to address complex development challenges, informing our practice with evidence-based findings. We believe that experienced practitioners should collaborate with research partners to achieve greater impact, so we partner with higher education and research institutions to collaboratively accelerate our development impact. For example, our experts team up with professors from the University of Notre Dame through their Visiting Associates Program to produce policy recommendations rooted in theory and practice. Our partnerships with Arizona State University have applied anthropology research methods to gather the evidence that underlies the design of interventions. Through our student development corps, we collaborate with young leaders to solve real problems through innovation labs and hackathons.

Chemonics engages with many other universities and research entities to provide real-world learning experiences to graduate and Ph.D. candidate students that simultaneously bring the latest data, tools, and approaches to our global workforce. These students have provided evidence-based recommendations for organizational development interventions, strategies that promote peace-building, and a new tool that scans thousands of pages of documents to find key information. From student practicums to partnerships with leading think tanks and beyond, Chemonics is invested in advancing academic partnerships and cutting-edge research to drive results.