We are committed to the professional development of our staff and provide an environment where staff are encouraged to enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills.

Our employees take the initiative and step outside their comfort zones to build knowledge and skills to advance the work we do. We believe in promoting from within and developing future leaders.

Whether it is managing client projects to achieve development impact, contributing to new business efforts, building technical expertise, or leading teams effectively to accomplish project goals, we offer numerous opportunities for staff to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to be a successful Chemonics professional. In addition to robust in-house learning opportunities and a generous training benefit for external events, a substantial portion of the critical knowledge and skills necessary to perform effectively is learned through on-the-job training and supportive supervision.

Chemonics staff are also encouraged to learn from more experienced staff in the field and prepare to accept project-based assignments themselves, to participate in internal job rotations to contribute to and learn from other core functions in the company, and to lead and participate in corporate initiatives as opportunities arise. Finally, our technical practices provide a place for staff to network and develop specific areas of technical expertise. Supporting employee growth and development is part of what makes Chemonics an ideal place to work.

Internal Training

We have partnered with leading online learning providers to offer high-quality professional courses that can be accessed by our global workforce whenever they need them and wherever they are. We also provide platforms to promote collaborative learning and knowledge sharing so that we can all benefit from lessons learned and best practices. We offer more than 120 training courses each year on topics ranging from project management to proposal development. These training courses are multi-course, short, informal, online, in-person, and blended to meet all learning styles.

The success of our projects relies on effective supervisory skills, performance management, and leadership to ensure our teams meet our clients’ objectives. We have an established management and leadership curriculum to develop these skills, preparing employees to manage complex projects, tasks, and teams.

Our business development curriculum addresses all aspects of proposal development — from writing a CV to recruiting consultants to guiding proposal strategy. Our training prepares employees to take on a variety of proposal roles. Using case studies, panel discussions, intensive lab exercises, and participatory activities, these courses, resources, and tools help employees gain industry leading new business skills.

We provide training on project management, which helps our teams work with our clients and manage a contract from start to finish. These training programs cover ways to support our projects in maximizing value for the client and meeting project objectives for host-country counterparts and beneficiaries.

External Training

Chemonics recognizes the need for its employees to have the skills necessary to complete their assignments and provides full-time staff financial support for learning activities, such as language training, coaching, professional certifications, and coursework at universities. Regular full-time employees are eligible for personal professional development funds each calendar year. Project office employees also have access to training funds to support local capacity development.

Job Rotations and Job Shadows

We encourage staff to apply for available rotations and on-the-job shadowing opportunities to learn other core functions in the company, support corporate initiatives, and grow by learning from experienced staff in the field.

Participation in a Practice

Our technical practices provide opportunities for staff to network and develop specific areas of technical expertise. Learn more about our technical areas.