Digital solutions are integral to how Chemonics delivers development.

Chemonics works with our programs, partners, and communities of practice to strengthen open, inclusive, and accountable digital ecosystems. We believe that when stakeholders are empowered to use technology, when appropriate systems are put in place, and when an enabling environment is created, communities globally can use digital technology to exchange critical information, access necessary services, and pursue economic opportunities. Digital solutions drive economic empowerment and financial inclusion, support accountability and transparency in governance, and introduce new and innovative solutions across technical sectors, making development programs more efficient, effective, and impactful. When farmers connect with new markets at the touch of a button, when rights activists use open data to create a new index, when healthcare workers receive medical deliveries via drones in remote islands, and when a young entrepreneur enrolls herself in a training center to learn new skills, we harness the power of the digital to bridge physical divides.