Digital is integral to development.

That is why, at Chemonics, we work with our projects, partners, and communities of practice in leveraging the potential of digital to achieve impact, while strengthening open, inclusive, and accountable digital ecosystems.

We believe that when stakeholders are empowered to use technology, when appropriate systems are put in place, and when an enabling environment is created, communities globally can use digital technology to exchange critical information, access necessary services, and pursue economic opportunities.


The digital solutions we work with drive economic growth and financial inclusion, support accountability and transparency in governance, and introduce new and innovative solutions across all the technical sectors we work with, making the programs we implement more efficient, effective, and impactful.



In 2017, Chemonics endorsed the Principles for Digital Development – nine living guidelines designed to provide best practices for development practitioners integrating digital technologies into programming to achieve development impact.

In 2021, the Digital Impact Alliance, stewards of the Principles for Digital Development, issued gold tier status to Chemonics for making concerted actionable efforts to incorporate the digital principles into its systems to facilitate organizational change; and for carrying out activities that pertain to systematic inquiry, policy making, or actual use and implementation of principle-informed policies and procedures.

Hear from our projects on how we are putting the digital principles into practice.