Promoting Innovation Through New Technologies in Moldova.

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USAID Moldova Future Technologies Activity

Project Dates: June 2021 - June 2026
The USAID Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) builds upon 15 years of work in economic competitiveness by connecting local innovative sectors to global markets.

In the global context of the COVID-19 pandemic, new consumer trends and digitization are reshaping markets and firms. Several high-potential economic sectors in Moldova have an opportunity to pivot their recovery and emerge from the pandemic stronger and more successful than before.

The USAID Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) continues USAID’s 15-year legacy of sector competitiveness programming, which includes the Competitiveness Enhancement and Economic Development I and II projects and the Moldova Competitiveness Project. FTA works with business associations and similar organizations to increase their organizational capacity, financial sustainability, and advocacy effectiveness and to improve the ecosystems for workforce development and investment. The activity also collaborates with small and medium enterprises to increase their competitiveness, value-added exports, workforce skills for employment opportunities, access to finance, and climate resilience.

By amplifying the voices of business associations, fostering sustainable global partnerships with the private sector, and aligning the workforce with market needs, the activity strives to drive the next leap in Moldovan innovation and Western market integration.

Project Goals

  • Build the sustainability and capacity of business associations, centers of excellence, and similar institutions that advocate for the needs of their members
  • Expand integration with existing markets and increase access to new markets in partnership with regional and international associations and investors
  • Support companies in the light manufacturing, information and communication technology, precision engineering, creative industries, and digital media sectors to improve their competitiveness in Western markets
  • Engage in co-creation, develop new partnerships, and leverage additional resources to ensure the sustainability of project outcomes