Improving the Quality of Teaching for Higher Secondary Students in Bangladesh .


USAID’s Higher Secondary Education Activity

Project Dates: August 2023 - August 2028
USAID’s Higher Secondary Education Activity (HSEA) will improve the quality of teaching in higher secondary colleges by enhancing teachers’ professional skills, developing innovative training materials, and improving the leadership and supervision capacity of principals, vice principals and education officials.

In Bangladesh’s education system, higher secondary education (Grades 11–12) provides a significant bridge between secondary and tertiary education. Despite its importance, this level of education is often overlooked for international funding. USAID’s Higher Secondary Education Activity (HSEA) will make crucial, sustainable changes through the improvement of education systems and practices that reach the community level, empowering students to achieve increased employability and better chances for getting admitted to a university.

USAID’s HSEA is a collaborative initiative over five years between the Government of Bangladesh and USAID. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education under the Secondary and Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education and USAID are working together to improve the quality of teaching and learning for 11 and 12th-grade teachers, with a focus on enhanced professional development, teaching and management skills of teachers, principals, education officers, and administrators, and system strengthening through digitization of training. HSEA will implement multi-dimensional interventions for continuous professional development of teachers and principals, starting with pilot programs in 300 higher secondary educational institutes located in 64 districts of Bangladesh across six zones: Barishal, Cumilla, Khulna, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, and Rangpur, while being centrally operated from Dhaka. 

HSEA aims to enhance the quality of higher secondary education in Bangladesh by improving teacher training and leadership skills. The project provides teachers with modern, institution-based training that uses the latest technology to enhance both teaching and learning experiences. Additionally, principals and education officers receive skills training and learn to use a new digital system for monitoring and developing teachers, leading to better teaching quality for students across the country.

Project Goals

  • Enhance higher secondary education (HSE) teachers’ instructional and management skills
  • Strengthen the leadership and supervision capacity of HSE principals and education officers
  • Introduce coordinated and harmonized trainings for HSE teachers, principals, and education officers