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VETS Indexes Names Chemonics a 3-Star Employer

April 17, 2024
2 Minute Read
The 2024 award highlights Chemonics' ongoing dedication to hiring and retaining veterans, creating veteran-inclusive policies and culture, and supporting military spouses and families, among other efforts.
A young girl does her homework by candlelight

3 Questions with Amer Barghouth: In Search of Energy Democracy

Amer Barghouth
April 16, 2024
5 Minute Read
Access to reliable, sustainable energy continues to be a global challenge, and Amer Barghouth explains why he believes this will only change when mindsets change.
A woman sits in a tractor

Sowing Seeds of Change: Two Years into Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Cindy Shiner | Inna M. Aleksieieva
March 19, 2024
4 Minute Read
We have supported Ukrainian farmers—nearly half of them women—to produce an additional 278,000 metric tonnes of grain during the 2023-2024 growing season, despite the ongoing war.
Two women in white tshirts holding hands in front of the ocean.

Buscadoras: Women at the Forefront of Mexico’s Search for Victims of Enforced Disappearances

March 11, 2024
7 Minute Read
Victims collectives have made significant strides in advocating for and finding their missing relatives, but they continue to face challenges in knowing their rights and threats to their physical and emotional well-being.

Ukraine’s Women Leaders Transforming Communities Amidst War

Akanshya Gurung
March 7, 2024
5 Minute Read
Two years on since the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Chemonics UK is honouring Ukraine’s women leaders this International Women’s Day.
A group of individuals sitting around a table and screen, having a meeting.

Chemonics UK awarded a place on all seven High Value Lots of the Global Development Delivery Framework

March 4, 2024
2 Minute Read
The UK Government’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) operates the Global Development Delivery (GDD) Framework as a procurement vehicle for international development services across seven technical fields.
A girl receives amoxicillin dispersible tablets in a child-friendly formulation at a health center in Mali. Credit: Serge Ouedraogo, GHSC-PSM

An Imperative to Support Local Innovation in the Health Sector

Jessica Jones
February 28, 2024
4 Minute Read
To achieve health for all, the global health community must bring localization, private sector engagement, and innovation together into a single agenda that supports stronger, more resilient health systems.