From its London office, Chemonics’ UK Division collaborates with international development partners, suppliers, and the UK government to realise a healthier, more prosperous, and peaceful world.

Since formally launching our UK Division in May 2019, we have quickly established a strong and diverse portfolio of UK Aid-funded programmes. We work with government and development sector counterparts across three continents to deliver programmes in sectors including climate action, education, governance, peacebuilding, stabilisation, social cohesion, and research.

Unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals Through Partnership

With a focus on delivering international development programmes for the UK government, our team brings together the right capabilities, technical expertise, and people to deliver — whatever the challenge.

Whether marrying the knowledge of local Mozambican NGO Centre for Learning and Capacity Building Civil Society with the Institute of Development Studies’ evidence-based approach to governance and accountability or bringing together the research powerhouses of Chatham House and King’s College London with tech innovators like Satellite Catapult to better understand the drivers of sustained conflicts around the world, Chemonics unites the best minds to advance the UK’s development objectives.

Development challenges are too large and complex for any one party to tackle alone. We are always on the lookout for open-minded partners who can introduce us to new thinking and ideas. We see these relationships as reciprocal, with the sharing of technical knowledge and experience flowing both ways between ourselves and our partners. We proactively search for and engage with like-minded organisations who want to make development work better.

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Generating and Communicating Evidence

Our UK staff work across the full spectrum of development issues and challenges, augmenting and leveraging Chemonics’ global operations. Chemonics translates evidence into action by piloting homegrown innovations and scaling up successful practices across its programmes. When we generate evidence or develop a solution, we share it, ensuring our knowledge is accessible to everyone who needs it.

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