Let’s transform life-changing ideas into world-changing ones. 

Innovative ideas to solve the world’s toughest challenges are born every day in communities around the globe. But to grow, these ideas need connection. They need a global network that can help effective ideas reach more people, in more places. A network of thousands of local experts ready to carry innovations from one country to adapt them to another. That’s where we fit in.

Founded in 1975, Chemonics is a leading global sustainable development firm for one reason: our people. We are 6,000 experts in more than a hundred countries around the globe, and 90% of us are working in a community we’ve long called home. Our teams reflect a diversity of technical expertise and lived experience, because solving complex development challenges requires both. And as a company, we are committed to connections – global and local, human and technological – that allow learnings to efficiently flow and adapt between experts, projects, and countries. This is how we match the speed and scale of humanity’s most pressing challenges, applying effective education practices from Chile to improve children’s literacy in Tajikistan, or renewable energy lessons from Iraq to support local governments in Lebanon.

Every action we take is driven by a conviction that true service means tomorrow’s work must be better than today’s. So, when others say it can’t be done, we ask when we can start. With curiosity. With an interest in new ideas. With listening. Because the more intractable the problem, the more determined we are to take it on.


Where Chemonics works, development works.

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