Employee resource groups promote awareness and build understanding around a common interest or background.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are voluntary employee-led groups that promote awareness and build understanding around a common interest or background through strategic focus on employee development, engagement, advancement, and business contributions. Learn more about our ERGs below.


ChemABLE is an ERG whose mission is to support, represent, and advocate for the global disability community through knowledge sharing, capacity building, fostering resilience, and eliminating stigma and barriers surrounding disability. The ERG supports disability-inclusive policies, engages relevant industry actors and organizations, builds a supportive workplace, and helps all employees advance their understanding and inclusion of peers with disabilities, learning differences, and cognitive, mental, or behavioral conditions.

ChemGEN logoChemGEN

ChemGEN is committed to supporting individuals along the gender spectrum through mentorship and professional development, advocacy for work-life harmony, and investment in the continued education of the global workforce on issues that affect gender equity and women* in the workplace.
*we use “women” to refer to individuals, whose current gender identity aligns with their sex as defined at birth, transgender women, and any other individuals who identify as women. We acknowledge that “women” does not necessarily align with the gender identity of all individuals that this ERG seeks to uplift, protect, and empower. As such, we would like to state outright that this employee resource group also supports and affirms the rights of people who menstruate, people who have wombs, and any other individual who has faced discrimination on the basis of gender or gender expression.

Logo of ChemOnyxChemONYX

ChemONYX is dedicated to cultivating Black leaders at Chemonics and beyond by promoting individual and collective growth and opportunity to ensure the international development industry reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live and work. ChemONYX seeks to create a welcoming environment that serves as a safe space for Black people to be seen, heard, understood, and supported, resulting in greater fulfillment for Chemonics’ Black employees, deeper understanding of diversity within the Black diaspora, and increased success for the company. ChemONYX is open to everyone who values and embraces diversity in the workplace and contributes to Chemonics’ mission. We live our values by speaking truth to power and creating space for transformative change. 

Logo for ChemPrideChemPRIDE

ChemPRIDE is an employee resource group that focuses on creating a welcoming and affirming atmosphere to encourage Chemonics’ global workforce to reach their full potential, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual characteristics. The ERG promotes the creation of inclusive policies designed to address emerging issues faced by gender and sexual diverse communities, provides a safe space that fosters communication, support, and skill development, and promotes the safety and security of our staff, their families, and their loved ones.

ChemTea Logo


ChemTea is committed to supporting, connecting, and promoting Asian and Pacific Islander (API) talent at Chemonics to grow as a community, foster intersections and connections, advance development and leadership, and increase cultural awareness internally and externally. ChemTea celebrates the diversity of all who identify with the API community, which includes, but is not limited to Middle East or West Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, by striving to be a home and inclusive community for API colleagues an allies. As diverse as tea culture, ChemTea is deeply communal, relational, and rooted in hospitality and generosity.

ChemValorChemValor Logo

ChemValor is an employee resource group that strives to create a workplace that welcomes, hires, retains, and values military veterans and their families, and builds staff capacity to recognize the value of military talent globally. The group supports recruitment outreach to attract and engage veterans more effectively, educates colleagues on the transferability of military experience, and fosters a supportive community by engaging Chemonics’ broader workforce on related issues.