We believe that by taking risks, being bold, and forging partnerships, the development community can scale innovations for sustainable change.

Chemonics is committed to unleashing creativity, intellectual curiosity, and energy to solve the increasingly complex development challenges facing the world today. Check out our Innovation Playbook to learn more about our work.

For us, innovation is about applying new knowledge to solve some of the world’s toughest problems — whether that means designing a solution to a challenge through a new product, service, or approach, or adapting an existing solution from another field or discipline. We harness the knowledge generated through the innovations on our projects around the world to identify opportunities for replication and scaling. Through our solutions labs, we create an environment where practitioners and experts from a wide range of backgrounds have the resources, opportunities, and freedom to co-create solutions to some of the development sector’s most intractable challenges. By investing in global movements like the UNLEASH Global Innovation Lab, we commit to sharing ideas, building networks, and creating solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is only through taking risks, being bold, and forging partnerships that we can scale our innovations for lasting global change.

Today the world faces numerous global crises – the devastating impact of climate change, the threat of pandemics like COVID-19, an increase in conflict – and more. We know to address these unprecedented challenges, we’ll need unprecedented solutions. It is clear that innovation is more important now than ever, but how do we work together to scale the most effective solutions? Take a look at Meeting the Moment: A Live Stream Event and check out the recording below.