Afghanistan Support (Former and Current Chemonics Employees)

Chemonics has completed over 25 projects in Afghanistan since 1973. In alignment with our core value of caring, we remain devoted to our former colleagues in Afghanistan and continue to assist eligible former staff in applying for SIV and the P2 program.

P2 and SIV Support

P2 Support:

If you worked for less than 1 year for Chemonics and do not have work with another implementer partner / USAID funded project, you may be eligible for the Priority-2 Refugee Program.  Please first review the eligibility criteria below.

Update: It is taking at least six months for most applicants to receive an Afghan Referral Record (ARR) number and Chemonics will not receive the ARR numbers of applicants. ARR numbers will be sent to the principle applicant’s email address. The principle applicant will also receive a Google form to fill out when receiving the ARR number. Please be sure to fill out the Google form to avoid an unnecessary delay in the processing of your case.

SIV Support:

Direct hires and subcontractors that worked for Chemonics or another implementer on behalf of the US Government in Afghanistan for a total period adding up to at least one year are eligible for the Special Immigrant Visa. Additional SIV guidance and submission instructions are found on the State Department website:

Update: It is taking at least six months to receive an NVC number. Chemonics is not able to expedite the process or advocate for individuals to receive COM approval. Once your case reaches the interview stage, you will need to transfer your case to a country with a United States Embassy. If you have questions about transferring your case, please reach out to our team at

We have also put together this SIV Process Map to outline the SIV process.

Relocation Support:

Chemonics provides support to former staff by providing their information to the Department of State when they meet the criteria set forth by the United States Department of State and C-ARE for relocation flights. Our team continues to advocate for Chemonics employees to be included on manifests, and the United States Government continues to provide flights to Doha, Qatar. Currently, Chemonics is only able to provide the names of those that have a KBL number and are at ‘Ready’ status in CEAC. Additionally, the applicant and their eligible dependents are required to have valid passports. We are unable to put forth anyone on a manifest who is not at ‘Ready’ status in CEAC. Please reach out to us at informing us when your status in CEAC is ‘Ready’.

Additionally, please be cautious when responding to advertisements, emails, and calls regarding evacuation assistance, as we are aware of many scams related to evacuation support. Do not give your passport information or other important personal information to anyone you do not know.

Afghanistan Resource Guide:

We have consolidated many of the resources and information available about current ways to support our colleagues and their families in Afghanistan, as well as visa information to the United States and other countries. Our hope is that this will save some time for those who need the information.

Afghanistan Resource Guide – Updated 8/31/21