At Chemonics, we are driven by the conviction that today’s work must be better than yesterday’s. Our approach to everything we do is rooted in this conviction and supported by our commitment to the principles below.

As an employee-owned firm, we set the highest possible standards, and we believe our ownership culture and our approaches to doing business reinforce our development mission, allowing us to be effective, equitable, and ethical in promoting meaningful change around the world.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are integral to our mission. Our workforce should reflect the vast diversity of the communities we serve, and diverse voices should be elevated and intentionally integrated into everything we do. We embrace diversity of identity, experience, and thought, and actively strive for inclusive behaviors, systems, and policies across our company and our work. Learn more about our commitment to DEI.

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to mitigating and eliminating the environmental impacts and climate risks associated with our corporate and project activities worldwide. This includes our commitment to reach net zero emissions by no later than 2040. Learn more about our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our Commitment to Our Industry

As a dedicated member of the development community, Chemonics supports educational and advocacy groups that share our views on the importance of sustainable development to advance stability, security, and prosperity around the world. Learn more about our work with the development sector. 

Local Leadership and Partnerships

We believe strong local partnerships are crucial to achieving our mission. We work with local governments, businesses, associations, civil society groups, and community leaders to ensure our projects address local demands and promote local ownership of development solutions. Learn more about our commitment to local leadership and partnerships.

Our Dedication to Quality

We challenge ourselves each day to set ever-higher standards for our work in development. In 2010, Chemonics become the first firm of its kind to receive ISO 9001 certification for our Quality Management System, which ensures we can deliver maximum impact for our clients, partners, and the communities with which we work for minimum risk. Read more about our dedication to quality.

Leading and Working with Integrity

Chemonics is committed to conducting business with integrity and professionalism. As a company, we do what is right, honest, and lawful. We expect the same of all our employees and partnerships. Learn more about our commitment to integrity.