We leverage the data, knowledge, evidence, and tools from our global programs to scale solutions and approaches for sustainable impact.

The world is changing, and we must be able to adapt and change with it. Through our commitment to continuous learning and locally led solutions, we are able to draw powerful insights about how to take the local impact we create every day to a global scale. 

Our approach includes the use of proven and cutting-edge tools and methodologies to gather reliable, timely, purposeful evidence while upholding the highest ethical standards. We use this evidence to drive decision-making and engage with partners that bring in wholistic, objective, and diverse perspectives. Through research, we apply rigorous methods to test hypotheses and identify real-world solutions to specific problems to help increase and enhance our impact.  

Chemonics is combining the power of evidence, learning, and research to develop transformative solutions on programs like FEWS NET, GHSC-PSM, RISA and XCEPT, where insights are leveraged, respectively, to better detect famine, forecast health commodity demand, strengthen African research and innovation systems, and assess cross-border conflict.