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Team Leader, Western Balkans Rule of Law Initiative (WBROLI) Christopher Marshall

Chris currently serves as team leader on the HMG-funded Western Balkans Rule of Law Initiative, a highly adaptive transparency & accountability and criminal justice program working across each of the Western Balkans 6. Chris is a lawyer by background and has worked on many aspects of criminal, civil, and commercial justice as well as on administrative, regulatory, and criminal justice responses to corruption and illicit financial flows. He is experienced in working in politically complex, fragile, and post-conflict environments and has worked across East and South Asia as well as Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. His professional expertise also includes SGBV especially survivor-centred, trauma-informed approaches and the inclusion of survivor voice in justice systems. Chris also has experience in incorporating people-centered justice into programming.

by Christopher Marshall

What Role Does Trust Play in Effective International Development Programmes?

Trust flavors our life choices. It lays the foundations of our social and professional relationships. It colors the way we engage with organizations, services, and people. Globally, trust in public institutions appears to be decaying. The ‘fake news’ phenomenon has damaged perceptions of traditional media. The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to widespread vaccine hesitancy, in some…