From climate adaptation to mitigation, Chemonics leverages decades of experience to respond quickly to global challenges across every facet of development.

Image of globe with plantOur Corporate Environmental Sustainability Policy

Chemonics is proud to share its Corporate Environmental Sustainability Policy, including our commitment to reach net zero emissions by no later than 2040. Our commitments to address the myriad of challenges facing the world, including managing the causes, impacts, and responses to wide-scale environmental degradation and climate change align with Chemonics’ mission and values for promoting meaningful change around the world

Our Work to Combat Climate Change

Climate change affects every corner of our planet and every sector of development: health, agriculture, economic growth, energy, governance, migration, conflict and peace, and natural landscapes and resources. As one of the most urgent and intractable challenges of our time, climate change presents both a mandate and an opportunity for collaboration and innovation to support countries on their journeys toward inclusive, climate-resilient development and net zero emissions economies.

From adaptation to mitigation, we know that climate change disproportionately affects the most vulnerable populations, who are often the least prepared to plan for unanticipated stresses. We are committed to improving policies and decision-making based on empirical, science-informed climate information while bolstering the capacity of communities to address climate vulnerabilities and risks and build more resilient livelihoods.

Through our decades of experience in more than 85 countries, we understand the importance of

  • Championing data-driven decision-making and policy reform based on comprehensive climate information
  • Advancing natural climate solutions
  • Curbing climate-induced migration and conflict
  • Building sustainable value chains for improved food security and economic prosperity
  • Making the connections between climate change, disease and illness to improve health outcomes

Finally, we recognize how critical it is to reduce our company’s impact on the climate, which means ongoing reviews and analysis of our approaches, facilities, procedures, and policies to implement a clear environmental sustainability policy and program that includes a commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Find more information about our climate change specialists, resources, projects, and their impact below.