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Blended Finance Technical Briefs .

Technical Brief | July 20, 2021

Chemonics’ Center for Private Sector Engagement, in collaboration with Dalberg and KOIS, developed technical briefs on blended finance in the areas of agricultural finance, gender lens investing, healthcare services, health supply chains, and sustainable landscapes.

These briefs serve as a reference point for development practitioners interested in leveraging blended finance approaches in project design and delivery and improving the quality of engagement with the private sector. They include a primer that provides a targeted, high-level overview of blended finance mechanisms to contextualize the sector-specific technical briefs. The briefs also articulate the specific challenges to traditional investment in each sector and expand on where blended finance can or has played a role in mobilizing private sector engagement and investment. The briefs also synthesize actionable learnings across case studies and outline key factors for consideration to determine when to use blended finance.

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