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A girl receives amoxicillin dispersible tablets in a child-friendly formulation at a health center in Mali. Credit: Serge Ouedraogo, GHSC-PSM

An Imperative to Support Local Innovation in the Health Sector

Jessica Jones
February 28, 2024
4 Minute Read
To achieve health for all, the global health community must bring localization, private sector engagement, and innovation together into a single agenda that supports stronger, more resilient health systems.
A Heat Power Station in Kyiv, Ukraine

Transforming Ukraine’s District Heating: Technology to the Rescue

Rick Whitaker, Senior Advisor, Energy, Chemonics International | Jim Lyon PE, US Decarbonization Lead – Built Environment, AECOM
February 22, 2024
5 Minute Read
New technology, such as heat pumps, has the potential to transform Ukraine’s outdated District Heating infrastructure into modern, efficient, sustainable, equitable, and resilient systems.
Warehouse employee Amos Mwangi packs medicine into a carton that will be delivered to a health facility.

The Upsides and Downsides of Increasing Regional Manufacturing

Julia Klebe | Tom Brown | Wayne Lifshitz | Marlene Amedome | Matthew Rando
January 29, 2024
4 Minute Read
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted inequalities in access to supply chains, which has led to heightened focus on the capacity of African nations to increase regional manufacturing.

Best of the Blog 2023

January 2, 2024
2 Minute Read
In 2023, Chemonics’ blog readers showed interest in deepening inclusivity in development and strengthening the vital systems all communities need, including health, water security, and education.
Large group of students taking a selfie, holding diplomas in their hand.

Addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Migration from Central America

Tatiana Ramos Maza
December 20, 2023
< 1 Minute Read
Through a mutually reinforcing collaboration between the U.S. and Mexican governments, we aim to address the root causes of irregular migration from Central America.
A woman standing on a ladder paints a mural of a purple tree on a white background.

Supporting the Search and Identification of Disappeared Migrants

Patricio Toussaint
December 18, 2023
< 1 Minute Read
On International Migrants Day, we reflect on the escalating crisis of undocumented migrant deaths and the growing necessity to identify migrant bodies at the US-Mexico border.
The Tajik Deputy Minister of Education and Science Abdulzoda presents a traditional Chakan embroidery to the principal of No. 2 Sagarejo Nugzar Chanturia Public School following a school visit.

Study Exchange Visits: Embracing an Impactful Opportunity

Jackson Wu-Pong
December 15, 2023
< 1 Minute Read
In a blog originally written for the Basic Education Coalition, we unpacked how Study Exchange Visits can be an effective way of increasing collaboration, sharing learning, and improving development outcomes.