We believe that the best people to lead change in a community are the members of that community. Chemonics is dedicated to locally led development that ensures effective, inclusive, and sustainable change wherever we work.

At Chemonics, we firmly believe that global solutions begin with local ideas, local ingenuity, and local leadership. When it comes to our projects, Chemonics’ role is to identify and share what works, but we know that development solutions are most sustainable and effective when our colleagues based in the participating communities lead project implementation. This is why 90% of our workforce is from the communities in which we work.

What does this commitment to local leadership mean? It means collaborating with and learning from local colleagues and other stakeholders about the needs and priorities of their communities. It means building intentional and sustainable partnerships with local grantees. It means providing supplemental technical expertise, the latest tools and technology, and operational support to help local organizations reach their goals. It means ensuring that all efforts are inclusive, reaching marginalized and vulnerable community members, creating space for them to make their voices heard, and shaping the interventions and policies affecting them.

So, we invest in local systems and local enterprises to ensure reforms can last after the project is closed. We rely on local talent and local traditions to guide development strategies so that they resonate with key community members and will effectively meet the goals of the project. And we put cutting-edge technology and the latest best practices in the hands of local experts so they can do what they do best: create and scale long-lasting innovative solutions to their country’s challenges.

At Chemonics, we also realize that committing to locally led development means investing in our workforce around the globe to keep the pipeline of local talent strong, build and strengthen today’s leaders, and ensure the longevity of project efforts in the countries where we work. This includes our MiniMasters programming through our partnership with Arizona State University and other professional development training and support.

From Colombia to Kenya to Moldova, development works globally when we start locally.