Ensuring Sustainable Peace in Colombia.

Rule of Law and Security Sector Strengthening | Democracy and Governance
Latin America and the Caribbean

Justice for a Sustainable Peace (JSP)

Project Dates: March 2017 - September 2021
An effective, inclusive, and responsive justice system is essential to Colombia’s peace process, especially in conflict-affected regions.

In 2012, the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) embarked on a peace process, which concluded successfully in 2016 and helped end fifty years of violent conflict. Since signing the peace agreement, the government has had to address the key challenge of ensuring that citizens in conflict-affected regions have access to essential justice services. The USAID Justice for a Sustainable Peace (JSP) activity is strengthening the country’s justice system and attending to critical justice needs of the armed conflict’s victims. How effective Colombia’s justice institutions are, however, depends not only on whether they are accessible to citizens but also on whether citizens consider justice institutions legitimate and support them. JSP strengthens citizens’ awareness of their rights and their confidence that justice institutions operate based upon the rule of law. By boosting citizen engagement in justice-related issues and improving the country’s judicial institutions, JSP and its local counterparts are ensuring that sustainable peace will prevail in Colombia.

Project Goals

  • Increase access to more effective, inclusive, and responsive justice-related services in conflict-affected regions
  • Strengthen citizen support for rule of law and raise citizens’ awareness of their rights and the justice services available to them
  • Support civil society engagement in policy advocacy, decision-making, and government oversight on justice-related issues
  • Improve judicial responses to victims of the armed conflict