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Advocating for an Inclusive Justice System for All Colombians .

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USAID Inclusive Justice Activity

Project Dates: January 2022 - January 2027
The USAID Inclusive Justice Activity improves Colombian citizens’ trust in the justice system by increasing access to justice services and reducing levels of impunity.

For years, public confidence in Colombia’s justice system has been troublingly low, particularly in rural areas that lack sufficient government presence. Citizens in these areas interact with a justice system that is unresponsive to their needs and has a limited capacity to meet local requirements. Opportunities to improve citizens’ trust in the justice system are growing, however, due to the Statutory Justice Administration Law, approved by the Colombian Congress; the 2021 judiciary branch commitment to modernizing the justice system; and lessons learned from the USAID Justice for a Sustainable Peace Activity.

The USAID Inclusive Justice Activity meets the needs of citizens by placing individual needs and community justice requirements at the center of its design. The activity increases access to quality justice services for all Colombians, including vulnerable groups and rural communities. It also reduces levels of impunity by strengthening the capacity of local justice systems to resolve gender-based and high-impact crimes. Its design integrates a people-centered justice approach grounded in local systems development to build on existing justice systems.

The activity will help Colombia meet its goal of making access to quality justice a reality for all Colombians.

Project Goals

  • Help actors from the justice sector reduce impunity with improved techniques for investigations, prosecutions, and resolution of high-impact crimes
  • Strengthen the capacity of target municipalities to resolve community and state disputes
  • Improve citizens’ trust in the justice system and collective adherence to the rule of law
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Local Justice Systems: People-Centered Justice

By placing people at the center of justice systems, the dialogue between civil society and justice authorities opens doors to find solutions to problems that respond to people's justice needs.

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