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Increasing Access to Justice and Enhancing the Rule of Law in Rwanda .

Rule of Law and Security Sector Strengthening | Democracy and Governance

Duteze Imbere Ubutabera

Project Dates: February 2018 - August 2021
Access to justice is a crucial factor for Rwanda in combating poverty, promoting peaceful resolution of disputes, and enhancing the rule of law.

Rwanda has made a clear commitment to progress in the justice sector, but key challenges with legal aid provision, law implementation, and public understanding of the justice system remain. To overcome these challenges, USAID’s Duteze Imbere Ubutabera activity improves the quality and effectiveness of Abunzi, the community-based reconciliation system, to resolve local disputes. The activity also strengthens the formal judicial system by increasing citizens’ access to quality legal aid, empowering citizens to engage in the judicial process, expanding efforts to educate prisoners about the law, and assisting prisoner reconciliation within their communities. With stronger community and formal judicial systems, Rwanda can provide its people with effective, impartial, and accessible justice.


individuals reached through awareness campaigns on legal rights, judicial processes, and the Abunzi system


people in prisons and communities reached by reconciliation and reintegration activities


awarded to local partners and organizations under USAID's New Partnerships Initiative

Project Goals

  •  Enhance quality and effectiveness of community-based reconciliation systems
  •  Improve citizen access to legal aid
  • Increase citizen engagement in the justice process by raising public awareness of legal rights and processes
  • Reconcile prisoners and communities