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Championing People-Centered Justice in Ukraine .

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USAID Justice For All Activity

Project Dates: October 2021 - September 2026
Ukraine’s judicial system has faced significant obstacles over the years. To provide Ukrainian citizens with an even more effective and people-centered justice sector, the USAID Ukraine Justice for All Activity works at the systems, service, and societal levels.

Strengthening the rule of law, establishing an independent judiciary, and combating corruption have been priorities for many Ukrainians since independence in 1991, and have increased in importance following the Euromaidan and Revolution of Dignity in 2014. Despite popular support and political will for sweeping reforms, the establishment of new judicial bodies, and the reform of existing ones, the justice system has not become an agent of fundamental change to the degree expected.

USAID’s Ukraine Justice for All Activity seeks to better meet those expectations by applying a people-centered approach to the justice sector’s work. The activity works at the systems, service, and societal levels to improve judicial quality and effectiveness, independence, accountability, and service delivery for the Ukrainian people. The activity also partners with a diverse group of stakeholders, including government agencies; justice sector actors such as lawyers, judges, court staff, and law students; civil society organizations; and engaged citizens.

The Ukraine Justice for All Activity builds on the successes of the Ukraine Nove Pravosuddya Justice Sector Reform Program .

To advance justice for all Ukrainians, the activity will deliver responsive solutions to Ukrainians’ legal problems and justice needs.

Project Goals

    • Strengthen the independence, accountability, and effectiveness of justice systems and institutions
    • Enhance the accessibility and quality of justice services and provide citizens with multiple pathways to justice
    • Equip and empower civil society and active citizens to hold the justice system and justice services accountable and drive demand for meaningful judicial reform