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Upholding the Rule of Law in Ukraine .

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Nove Pravosuddya Justice Sector Reform Program

Project Dates: October 2016 - September 2021

Ukraine’s judicial system has long suffered from corruption, political interference, lack of transparency, and ineffectiveness in the administration of justice. To provide Ukrainian citizens with clearer, more effective access to judicial services, the USAID Nove Pravosuddya Justice Sector Reform Program (New Justice Program) created conditions for an independent, accountable, transparent, and effective justice system. This reform empowered Ukraine’s justice system to fight corruption and uphold the rule of law.

Prior Initiatives

The New Justice Program built upon the successes of the USAID Fair, Accountable, Independent, and Responsible Judiciary Program (FAIR). Between 2011 and 2016, FAIR advanced a more transparent and independent judiciary worthy of the public’s trust. Working alongside judicial institutions, civil society organizations, and citizens, FAIR ensured that judicial reforms reflected the will of the Ukrainian public and not just that of the political party in power.

The program provided direct technical assistance to 613 courts and supported 27 justice sector institutions covering all three branches of government. FAIR also trained 3,005 judges and court staff, providing clear standards and guidance related to their conduct inside and outside of the courtroom.


judges, judicial personnel, government officials, CSO representatives trained in case management, judicial opinion writing, judicial response to COVID-19 challenges, anti-corruption, alternative disputes resolution, and transitional justice


Ukrainian citizens received legal aid or victims assistance from New Justice-established Community Justice Centers


Increase in number of survey respondents, between 2021 and 2018, who said they would report instances of corruption to appropriate law enforcement agencies

Project Goals

  • Strengthen judicial independence, self-governance, and rule of law in Ukraine
  • Improve the accountability and transparency of the judiciary to citizens
  • Enhance access to and administration of justice
  • Work with the Ministry of Education to improve the quality of legal education and accreditation