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Introducing the Rule of Law in Myanmar .

Rule of Law and Security Sector Strengthening | Legislative Strengthening | Democracy and Governance | Local Governance and Decentralization

USAID Promoting the Rule of Law in Myanmar (PRLM) Project

Project Dates: June 2018 - June 2023
Building a transparent and inclusive justice sector is a critical step to improving legal rights for Myanmar’s people in the wake of recent political transition.

Myanmar’s legal tradition is a unique combination of family customary law, codified English common law, and recent Myanmar legislation. In the five years since it embarked on its political transition, following the military government takeover and reorganization of courts, Myanmar continues to face a breadth of development challenges. Some of these include widespread poverty, an underdeveloped economy, and weak institutional capacity. USAID’s Promoting the Rule of Law in Myanmar (PRLM) project aims to protect legal rights and increase access to justice for Myanmar’s people. To achieve this goal, PRLM strives to build accountability and competency within justice sector institutions and enhances legal services and advocacy efforts by civil society. By promoting greater respect of legal rights, PRLM supports Myanmar to develop a legal system that is more accessible, credible, and legitimate in the public eye.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen transparency and accountability in the legal system to protect the fundamental rights of Myanmar’s people
  • Consolidate Myanmar’s democracy to become more inclusive, accountable, and responsive to its people through good governance and protection of legal rights
  • Support state institutions to implement transparent, inclusive, accountable, and responsive reforms