An aerial view of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Several boats can be seen traveling between green, mountainous islands.

Accelerating Plastic Pollution Reduction in Vietnam .

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Vietnam Action Against Plastic Pollution

Project Dates: September 2022 - September 2027
The VAAPP activity supports the government of Vietnam's commitment to reducing plastic pollution at its source, improving solid waste management, implementing single-use plastic reduction models, and supporting collective action.

Vietnam is considered a significant contributor to the world ocean plastic pollution. This harmful practice weakens the resilience of marine and other ecosystems and exacerbates the effects of climate change, which Vietnam is especially vulnerable to; studies estimate that rising sea levels, typhoons, flooding, droughts, and other extreme weather will affect more than 50 million people in Vietnam.

Vietnam also faces significant challenges in the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of solid waste. This is especially true for local governments given their diverse informal and formal solid waste management models.

The Vietnam Action Against Plastic Pollution (VAAPP) activity reduces plastic pollution and improves waste management by engaging stakeholders in the design and implementation of more sustainable solid waste models and by promoting data-driven policies. VAAPP collaborates with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, select provinces, local organizations, and the private sector to develop and implement plans and guidelines for waste separation, single-use plastic reduction models, and data monitoring systems. The activity promotes appropriately scaled technologies and solutions and supports training for local governments on waste management and preventing plastic pollution in oceans. VAAPP also supports the development and implementation of extended producer responsibility policies, including the “polluter pays” principle for packaging.

By tackling plastic pollution in Vietnam and improving the country’s waste management, VAAPP aims to lower the country’s contribution to oceanic plastic waste, provide reliable solid waste management services countrywide, and reduce the effects of climate change on Vietnam and its ecosystems.

Project Goals

  • Foster multi-stakeholder actions for extended producer responsibility.
  • Develop and implement inclusive, integrated solid waste management models.
  • Increase public awareness and education on single-use plastic reduction measures.