An aerial view of a bright green mountain range with trees peppered throughout.

Integrating a Fresh Approach to Conservation in Bangladesh .

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USAID Bangladesh Ecosystems/Protibesh Activity

Project Dates: July 2021 - July 2026
The USAID Bangladesh Ecosystems/Protibesh Activity aims to conserve ecosystems by transforming ecosystem co-management and supporting communities, the government, and the private sector to fulfill their conservation roles.

Bangladesh’s natural ecosystems include forests, freshwater wetlands, and coastal and marine areas, all harboring important animal and plant biodiversity. Many species live under the threat of extinction due to overexploitation of natural resources, land-use change, widespread pollution, and unplanned urbanization. Although significant efforts have addressed these threats and aimed to safeguard Bangladesh’s remaining biodiversity through co-management approaches, many challenges remain.

The USAID-funded Bangladesh Ecosystems/Protibesh Activity (Protibesh) helps communities lead sustainable improvements in ecosystem conservation in key biodiversity areas across the country. The activity does this through a local-systems approach that supports the whole community — individuals, the government, and the private sector — to understand, accept, and fulfill their conservation roles.

Through this effort, Protibesh strives to create a movement that encourages all facets of society to accept ecosystem co-management as the national approach to conserving ecosystems in Bangladesh.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen environmental governance and management
  • Mitigate threats to biodiversity
  • Advance market-based incentives that promote sustainable natural-resource management