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News: Chemonics International and EPRI Collaborate to Drive Clean Energy Innovation Around the World

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A new agreement between Chemonics International and the Electric Power Research Institute will support the modernization of electric systems in emerging markets and respond to critical needs across the globe.

Chemonics International and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have entered a formal agreement bringing together decades of international development expertise and technical know-how to advance technology solutions underpinning the clean energy transition.

Under this agreement, the organizations will begin work immediately on the recently awarded USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program. This program will support transforming Sri Lanka’s power sector into a market-based, secure, reliable, and sustainable system by mobilizing investment to deploy advanced technologies, increase flexibility, and enhance competitiveness.

The agreement puts Chemonics and EPRI in a position to assist countries’ transition to a cleaner and more reliable, affordable, and integrated energy sector. The organizations plan to exchange expertise to help modernize the electric system in emerging markets and respond to critical needs around the world.

Commenting on the unique collaboration, Matthew Mendis, Managing Director of Chemonics’ Energy Team, said, “As the costs of renewable energies, including wind and solar, decline, the global energy sector finds itself at an important crossroads. We are pleased to work with EPRI and look forward to together helping countries around the world transition towards clean energy solutions.”

Rob Chapman, EPRI Senior Vice President of Energy Delivery and Customer Solutions, added, “This agreement is a natural extension of EPRI’s work with hundreds of organizations around the world to advance energy technologies for society’s benefit. By drawing on EPRI’s and Chemonics’ combined expertise, we are better positioned to help emerging economies overcome a range of energy challenges.”

The organizations’ focus extends to a variety of new and existing energy technologies, including renewable energy, power management and distribution systems, energy storage, energy and building efficiency upgrades, and transportation electrification.

The world’s preeminent independent, nonprofit energy research and development organization, EPRI fulfills its public-purpose mission by collaborating with more than 450 companies in 45 countries.

Chemonics, founded in 1975, is a global development firm that has worked in more than 150 countries across all sectors of development, designing projects that address complex problems with a multi-disciplinary approach.