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Protecting the Natural Wealth of the Colombian Amazon .

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Amazon Alive Activity

Project Dates: July 2021 - June 2026
USAID/Colombia’s Amazon Alive Activity (Amazon Alive) responds to Colombia’s recent surge in deforestation and loss of biodiversity by improving environmental crime prevention and prosecution and strengthening forest conservation and management.

The government’s presence in Colombia’s Amazon is limited because of the region’s geographical remoteness and because illegal groups have historically occupied the Amazon, driving and contributing to illicit economic activities. Land grabbing, intensive cattle ranching, illegal mining, and unsustainable agriculture have proliferated in the region. As a result, deforestation has increased, native vegetation and biodiversity have deteriorated, and socioeconomic inequalities have deepened. These challenges hamper the government’s achievement of its climate change mitigation goals, threaten its world-renowned biodiversity, undermine regional livelihoods, and complicate the implementation of the country’s historic 2016 Peace Accord.

Amazon Alive aims to reduce deforestation and biodiversity loss in the Amazon in multiple ways, focusing on the region’s Caquetá, Guaviare, Meta, and Putumayo departments. First, the activity strives to improve the effectiveness of the government’s response to environmental crimes by strengthening social cohesion, responsive governance, and environmentally sustainable economic development. In addition, the activity seeks to improve forest management and conservation practices to protect the biological richness of Colombia’s Amazon by promoting sustainable economic alternatives for local populations and motivating residents to reduce threats to biodiversity through behavior change.

By improving environmental governance and promoting sustainable economic growth, Amazon Alive strives to conserve the rich biodiversity in Colombia’s Amazon and cultivate sustainable, economically viable livelihoods for its populations.

Project Goals

  • Establish and support sustained coordination among governmental institutions that prosecute environmental crimes
  • Empower civil society to effectively prevent and manage environmental crimes due to deforestation
  • Strengthen land management and administration mechanisms that promote forest conservation and management
  • Promote sustainable livelihoods with productive activities linked to established markets
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