Supporting Responsible Gold Mining in Colombia.

Oro Legal

Project Dates: September 2015 - September 2020
Colombia’s profitable gold sector is fraught with illegal mining, threatening the country’s efforts to establish peace after decades of conflict.

Colombia is experiencing a gold mining boom, but approximately 80 percent of its gold mining production — with a value of $1.7 billion — is currently illegal. Uncontrolled gold mining in Colombia fuels social conflict, environmental degradation, and governance challenges. To address these issues, the Artisanal Gold Mining – Environmental Impact Reduction Activity, known as “Oro Legal,” is collaborating with the Colombian government, local communities, and the private sector to establish a shared agenda for sustainable change. A neutral stakeholder, Oro Legal supports responsible mining where is it is technically, financially, and legally feasible to do so.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen governance in the mining sector
  • Encourage and increase the participation of small and artisanal gold miners, associations, and indigenous communities in gold mining formalization processes
  • Develop attractive , alternative livelihoods for mining families when circumstances preclude the formalization of gold mining
  • Support the Colombian government’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of illegal mining by providing models to restore degraded areas, reduce contamination from mercury, and improve the quality of drinking water
Beekeeper in gear in Colombia

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