A view of an ancient Coliseum with weathered walls and a well-maintained arena.

Investing in Tunisia’s Tourism Industry .

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Visit Tunisia Activity

Project Dates: May 2021 - May 2024
Tunisia's tourism industry has faced challenges over the years. The USAID Visit Tunisia Activity strives to draw tourists back to the country through investment and strategic partnerships.

Nine years after the Tunisian Revolution, Tunisia’s biggest challenges include growing the economy and providing economic opportunities for its people. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the economy’s fragile condition, leaving the government scrambling to rescue the nation’s finances. The tourism sector’s recovery is critical to reviving Tunisia’s economy, particularly after the pandemic ends.

The USAID Visit Tunisia Activity invests in Tunisia’s tourism sector and capitalizes on the country’s natural, cultural, and historical endowments to develop a more diversified and high-quality tourism sector. Through partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, private sector organizations, tourist sites, and existing donors, the activity strengthens tourism products and experiences, including in Tunisia’s underserved areas. These partnerships are crucial for increasing the number of tourists and tourism jobs, the country’s tourism revenue, and private sector-led investment and innovation in tourism.

By investing in one of the country’s strongest sectors, the USAID Visit Tunisia Activity increases earnings and job opportunities for Tunisians, including women and youth, and fuels the country’s overall economic growth.

Project Goals

  • Enhance Tunisia’s competitiveness as a tourism destination
  • Increase tourism-related investments and revenue
  • Improve the enabling environment for sustained growth in the tourism sector
  • Engage the private sector to expand alternative tourism offerings and quality