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Promoting Integrity Networks in Peru .

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Transparent Public Investment Project

Project Dates: January 2020 - January 2025
To curb corruption in Peru, the public and private sectors must partner to improve investment processes.

For decades, systematic corruption has compromised the integrity of Peru’s executive, judicial, and legislative systems while negatively affecting poverty, crime rates, and economic growth.

The USAID Transparent Public Investment (TPI) project partners with the Peruvian state and the private sector to address systemic corruption by promoting integrity initiatives in Lima and four key provinces: Lambayeque, Piura, Cuzco, and Loreto. TPI collaborates with key public sector actors and civil society to increase public oversight and understanding of public procurement processes. Simultaneously, TPI engages with the private sector to promote its adoption and implementation of anti-corruption activities. TPI focuses on vertical, horizontal, and diagonal integration, meaning it builds links between public sector actors, civil society, and the private sector. The project engages Peruvian citizens and fosters a culture of integrity through USAID’s integrity network approach. By improving public sector investment processes, TPI strengthens Peru’s capacity to reduce corruption in public investment.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen governmental controls and supervision mechanisms to reduce corruption
  • Enhance civic oversight of public investment processes
  • Build effective alliances with private sector firms to promote public integrity and combat corruption