In 2023, Chemonics’ blog readers showed interest in deepening inclusivity in development and strengthening the vital systems all communities need, including health, water security, and education.

Check out the countdown of our most-viewed blog posts from 2023!

10. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Widening the Net of Data Capture for Improved Digital Health

By Mulamuli (Mula) Mpofu, Alphonse Ubial Siteke, Tyler Williamson, and Remy Ngoy

Digital data collection and visualization tools allow for rapid feedback during campaigns to distribute insecticide-treated nets.

9. Incentivising and Stabilising a Peace Process Through Sensitive and Responsive Programming

By Ahmed Al Khameri

How challenging is conflict resolution in Yemen? Chemonics UK’s Yemen Support Fund (YSF) project explores why now is a critical moment for Yemen.

8. Best Practices for Centering Indigenous Peoples in Development Projects

By Mónica Flores and SaraJane Renfroe

Engaging Indigenous Peoples is essential to driving forward locally led development, ensuring international development projects respond to and align with Indigenous Peoples’ self-determined goals and needs, and deepening projects’ impact and sustainability.

7. For a Precious Resource like Water, Good Governance Matters

By Barbara Rossmiller, Tamer Al-Assa’d, and Todd Diamond

In a rapidly changing world, water security relies on resilient governance systems and institutions.

6. Unlocking the Power of “Super Levers” for Sustained Instructional Reform

By Edward Landreth, Patience Suah, Camila Fernandez (Mathematica), Josh Zoia (One World Network of Schools)

Lessons from our collaboration with local and international educational experts on best practices for foundational literacy in Liberia.

5. Putting LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development in Action: Awareness, Advocacy, and Allyship

By Branden Ryan and Katya Makkaveyev

Amidst a mixed global landscape of improved LGBTQI+ rights in some countries and increased discrimination and stigma in others, Chemonics’ LGBTQI+ Inclusion Technical Working Group shares reflections from programs taking action to support and empower LGBTQI+ communities.

4. Why Now Is the Time To “Pause and Reflect” on the Way We Approach Learning

By Niki Wood and Hannah El Mufti

Development programs often fall back on repetitive, tick box learning efforts. It is time to break this cycle and put people back at the center of learning.

3. Chemonics’ Five Technical Priorities to Drive Health Supply Chain Efficiency in 2023

By Giuliana Canessa Walker and Julia Klebe

In planning for our 2023 supply chain learning strategy, we have identified five common technical priorities that are shaping most of our health supply chain work.

2. 3 Questions with Jiru Bako on Strengthening the Nigerian Health System

By Jiru Bako

Chemonics’ deputy director for GHSC-PSM in Nigeria talks about his background and work to build a stronger, more resilient health system by enhancing the country’s health supply chain.

1. Diverse Hiring Practices and Opportunities Create a Strong Global Workforce at Chemonics

Note: This post originally appeared in The Washington Post.

Learn more about Chemonics’ approach to growing a strong global workforce, by integrating diverse voices, emphasizing continual learning and innovation, and promoting the development of young talent.


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