A teacher teaching an elementary school class.

Sustaining the Legacy of Holistic Education in Malawi .

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Next Generation Early Grade Reading (NextGen) Activity

Project Dates: April 2022 - March 2027
Since offering free primary education in 1994, Malawi has made remarkable strides in student enrollment, yet significant challenges to the quality of education have led to low literacy rates.

Malawi has benefitted from successful reading projects that provide learners with foundational reading and literacy skills to support the country’s continued development. USAID’s NextGen Early Grade Reading Activity builds on that progress by partnering with the Ministry of Education to support early literacy, improve classroom instruction, and build systemic capacity. The activity provides high-quality reading instruction in English and Chichewa to all Grade 1 and Grade 2 students through classroom and school-level interventions improving evidence-based reading instruction. Support includes materials provision, teacher training and coaching, supportive leadership, analysis, and the use of student assessment results. The NextGen activity focuses on fluency and comprehension skills, which are crucial for students to succeed in later grades and in the modern workplace.

Project Goals

  • Work closely with USAID and the Malawi government to deliver support for coping with change by building resilience and apt innovations and incentives for a self-sufficient Ministry of Education
  • Collaborate with the ministry to improve primary-level classroom instruction quality
  • Apply performance standards and benchmarks with the ministry to track early grade reading achievements
  • Engage the ministry to provide more evidence-based, gender-sensitive early grade reading materials to teachers and students