Lily learning with pictures of animals at the Manahel-supported special education centre

Advancing Quality Inclusive Education for Children in Syria .

“Lily feels safe and happy, especially when she is carrying out her activities. I am proud of her achievements so far. Together with her remarkable capabilities, we will achieve what others believe is impossible.”

Lily's teacher

In her first year since enrolling in the special education centre, Lily has made tremendous strides towards the goals set out for her. She has shown a remarkable curiosity for the world around her and an eagerness to interact with others. Although her case is complex, she is now able to identify different colours, shapes, and sizes. She can perform basic arithmetic and her social skills have improved. Her mother praised the dedication and excellent work of her teacher.

Banner image: Lily and her teacher at the Manahel-supported special education centre.

Read more about Lily’s story (PDF) as well as these wider stories from girls and women supported by the Manahel programme (PDF), originally published for International Women’s Day 2023.

In order to protect the individuals involved in the Syria Education Programme, all names of people and locations have either been altered or removed, as has any information that may identify people or locations.

The Syria Education Programme (also known as Manahel) is funded by UK aid from the UK government and implemented by Chemonics International. Manahel provides access to safe, inclusive, and quality learning opportunities to children in Syria whilst strengthening education actors to manage education effectively.