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Fostering an Investment-Friendly Climate in Pakistan .

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Pakistan Investment Promotion Activity

Project Dates: December 2021 - December 2026
The USAID-funded Pakistan Investment Promotion Activity (IPA) will remove barriers to investment and trade by facilitating Pakistani-led improvements in government regulations, increasing the ease of doing business and improving the overall investment climate.

The Pakistan Investment Promotion Activity (IPA) is funded by USAID to support investment in Pakistan by attracting investors, assisting their entry and establishment in the country, securing their retention, and fostering links internally. The activity has four principal objectives. These include addressing the business-enabling regulatory environment for investment promotion, reforming institutional policies including the ease of compliance and doing business in the country, and increasing transparency.

IPA’s objectives also include improving U.S.-Pakistan bilateral trade and investment relations and mobilizing foreign direct investments into the country. The activity uses a problem-driven iterative adaptation approach to achieve these objectives by identifying problems with selected institutions and firms to discover root causes, adapting local solutions, applying iterative learning, and building capacity to solve problems.

By creating business and investment opportunities, the project will increase employment, economic growth, exports, and capital flow and will create a competitive market to improve stability in Pakistan.

Project Goals

• Promote investment by addressing the business-enabling regulatory environment
• Remove barriers to investment to help bolster U.S.-Pakistan bilateral trade
• Enhance investment climate and support investor planning and exploration
• Provide transparent and predictable legal environment and deliver information and assistance services
• Ensure that investors operate without sudden legal and regulatory changes; assist investors during operations and expansions