Chemonics' CEO and president Jamey Butcher penned an article for Fast Company about emerging and frontier economies and their role in the game-changing solutions needed to unlock creative problem-solving to tackle the global crises of our times.

This post originally appeared on Fast Company on April 17, 2023. 

We have the money and ingenuity to solve the world’s greatest challenges. What we need most right now is to unlock the massive capital needed to harness both the entrepreneurial potential in frontier and emerging economies and relevant technology that will provide the breadth of change needed at a global scale. The good news is that the world’s most seasoned investors are starting to recognize that deals can provide a lucrative financial return along with positive, measurable, social and environmental impact in places typically outside of their comfort zones.

Just about half of the world’s population—nearly 4 billion people—lives in poverty. The international community has a plan to address this desperate condition: the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a blueprint for solving the planet’s most challenging and urgent problems spanning global health, climate, education, and beyond, that underpin this inequity. The vital promise of the SDGs is that, by 2030, no one on the planet will be left behind. Read the full article on Fast Company.

Banner image caption: In Nigeria, Chemonics introduced improved dry-season cultivation of maize using technologies to increase smallholder incomes and the supply of food during the “hunger season,” and to produce cash flow in time for farmers to purchase inputs for the wet season. 

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