Spurring Grain and Oilseed Sector Recovery and Transformation in Ukraine .

Agriculture and Food Security
Europe and Eurasia

USAID Harvest Activity

Project Dates: April 2024 - September 2028
The USAID Harvest Activity contributes to increased global food security by strengthening Ukraine’s grain and oilseed sector through market system efficiency.

Before February 2022, Ukraine was the fifth largest wheat exporter, third largest corn and barley exporter, and top sunflower exporter worldwide. Russia’s full-scale invasion has caused more than $40.2 billion in losses to the agriculture sector and loss of access to 25% of Ukraine’s land, bringing significant challenges for grain and oilseed producers and causing plummeting profitability and decreasing exports for most crops, especially to key markets in Asia and Africa.

The USAID Harvest Activity aims to empower male and female grain and oilseed farmers, including those from marginalized and underserved groups. The goal is that production and income for barley, corn, soybean, sunflower, and wheat returns to pre-war levels through improved production efficiency and profitability. Activity will also position farmers to market their crops more successfully and profitably through the ongoing war. Through a market-based approach, the USAID Harvest Activity will support the sector in returning to profitability while rebuilding a stronger, more inclusive sector that contributes to domestic and global food security imperatives.


Project Goals

  • Expand profitable, climate-smart, market-oriented production.
  • Improve farmers’ access to profitable markets.
  • Improve market system efficiency and inclusiveness.