To help ensure JoussourInvest is sustainable and successful in the long terman aspect critical to support the Sustainable Development Goals on decent work and economic growth and industry, innovation, and infrastructure—the JOBS activity transferred its ownership to the CDC. As a public institution dedicated to managing savings funds and financing for private businesses, CDC is bestsuited to own and manage JoussourInvest. Additionally, the platform is currently free for both MSMEs and investors.

JoussourInvest proved to be an innovative digital solution that not only successfully filled a communication gap between MSMEs and investors, but also helped build a more resilient ecosystem for Tunisian businesses. By increasing access to diversified finance and stability to MSMEs, JoussourInvest fostered economic resiliency throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to job creation and retention, and to overall sustainable economic growth for the country. 

Banner image caption: A group of employees at Arsenal Bache measure and cut tarp to use as side curtain for a vehicle. The photo was taken by the USAID Tunisia JOBS activity implemented by Chemonics.