Ensuring Quality Education in Afghanistan .

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Afghanistan Capacity Building Activity

Project Dates: January 2017 - January 2022
To fulfill the goals in Afghanistan’s National Education Strategic Plan, the Ministry of Education is improving its services, procedures, and systems.

Despite strides made since 2007, Afghanistan’s education sector continues to face a variety of challenges around infrastructure and service delivery. To address these challenges, USAID’s Capacity Building Activity (CBA) is helping the Ministry of Education achieve its 2015-2020 National Education Strategic Plan goals. The activity is strengthening the ministry’s capacity to deliver higher-quality education services to Afghan citizens, focusing on five technical areas at the national and subnational levels: education management information systems, teacher recruitment, payroll systems, resource planning, and internal audit systems. Through CBA, the ministry will improve its administrative systems and procedures while investing in recruiting, training, and retaining qualified staff to improve service delivery. With a more transparent and accountable Ministry of Education, citizens will gain confidence in the government’s commitment to providing higher-quality education services.

Project Goals

  • Improve Ministry of Education systems and procedures to provide higher-quality education services
  • Increase transparency and accountability of national and subnational Ministry of Education systems