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Improving Information Sharing and Coordination in Ghana’s Justice Sector .

Democracy and Governance | Rule of Law and Security Sector Strengthening | Anti-corruption

Justice Sector Reform Case Tracking System Activity

Project Dates: January 2018 - January 2021
Better coordination between justice sector institutions in Ghana is needed to reduce delays in prosecution. A case tracking system is making a difference.

Ghana’s criminal justice system faces a number of challenges: Cases are not handled in a timely manner and a lack of communication within the justice sector has weakened efficiency and effectiveness during criminal prosecutions. USAID/Ghana’s Case Tracking System Activity developed a criminal case tracking system to support the Ghanaian government in effectively investigating and prosecuting criminal cases. The integrated case tracking system improved collaboration among key justice sector institutions, including the Police Service, Department of Public Prosecution in the Attorney General’s Office, the Judicial Service, and the Prisons Service. USAID/Ghana’s Case Tracking System Activity had a special focus on crimes related to corruption, border security, maritime security, and cybercrime.


end-users, across 6 key stakeholders agencies, received training on the Case Tracking System


computers and tablets procured and distributed to 757 key stakeholder agency locations across 7 regions of Ghana


agency policies and procedures were drafted, amended, and implemented to improve the enabling environment for the implementation of the Case Tracking System

Project Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive design and sustainable roll-out process for the integrated case tracking system
  • Implement a testing phase and identify the requirements for the sustainable use and expansion of the integrated case tracking system
  • Improve procedures and policies to strengthen change management, coordination, and communication across key justice sector institutions