A small statue of lady justice wearing a blindfold and holding a scale.

People-Centered Justice in Kosovo .

Democracy and Governance | Rule of Law and Security Sector Strengthening

USAID Justice Activity

Project Dates: August 2020 - August 2025
Sourcing and implementing citizen-centered rule-of-law solutions will help promote public trust in Kosovo’s justice system.

Since achieving independence, Kosovo has made great strides in strengthening its judicial branch of government; reforms, however, have focused mainly on updating court systems and institutions instead of on Kosovo citizens’ interactions with justice services. The public remains reluctant to trust and use their justice system, and access to justice services remains out of reach for many.

The USAID Justice Activity aims to strengthen Kosovo’s justice system and to introduce innovation and support that generates public trust in the rule of law. Using a people-centered justice approach, the project convenes civil society organizations, judges, public information officers, and court administrators to improve the public’s access and understanding of how to use the justice system. The activity engages communities and practitioners to define problems and propose improvements in the delivery of legal services and information. The activity will establish an innovation incubator that develops innovative solutions based on the challenges that justice institutions and their users face. This enhances the user-friendliness of policies and procedures, increases the affordability and accessibility of justice services, and improves justice seekers’ feelings of fairness and trust in the justice system.

Project Goals

  • Improve quality and accessibility of justice services
  • Deepen citizens’ understanding of, engagement with, and trust in the justice system
  • Develop effective innovations in the justice sector