The flag of Ukraine waving on a flagpole.

Promoting Unity in Ukraine .

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Democratic Governance East Activity

Project Dates: October 2018 - September 2026
Divisive pressures undermine political unity in Ukraine, particularly in eastern regions. Connecting citizens with their government can help.

In the wake of protests and the removal of its president in 2014, Ukraine faces many divisive social, economic, and political pressures that challenge national unity. Eastern Ukraine particularly feels the weight of these pressures. Although the new government established a plan for key reform initiatives, these reforms have not occurred as quickly as citizens had hoped due to political, security, and economic constraints. To address these issues, USAID’s Democratic Governance East Activity increases citizen participation through communications and outreach, uniting Ukrainian citizens around common values, such as social responsibility, innovation, and tolerance. The project also increases political participation, improving Ukraine’s governance and reform processes. By improving civic participation and building community connections in eastern Ukraine, the project builds mutual trust between citizens and their government.

Project Goals

• Promote a democratic, prosperous, and unified Ukraine
• Improve governance and economic conditions in eastern Ukraine
• Strengthen inclusive Ukrainian identity based on pluralistic civic values
• Encourage civic awareness, social entrepreneurship, and citizen engagement through improvements in services and stronger local governance