Strengthening Haiti’s Judicial System.

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Haiti Justice Sector Strengthening Program

Project Dates: September 2016 - February 2022
An independent, credible, and effective judicial system will go a long way toward creating and preserving stability in Haiti.

Haitians tend to perceive justice as inaccessible to most citizens, especially in rural areas, and the pursuit of justice as costly and lengthy. The USAID Haiti Justice Sector Strengthening Program (JSSP) is improving the country’s legal framework, protecting citizens’ lawful rights, and increasing accountability and oversight within the justice system. JSSP’s primary local counterparts are the Ministry of Justice and the Conseil Superieur du Pouvoir Judiciare (CSPJ), which governs judges and law clerks. In addition to expanding access to justice and protection, the program provides technical assistance to reform the country’s judicial code. The program’s efforts also combat corruption and promote effective resource management. Investing in Haiti’s approach to case management will allow 18 jurisdictions to accelerate judicial cases and increase the transparency of the legal process.

Project Goals

  • Provide direct legal assistance to at-risk populations
  • Create the National Public Defender’s Office, which will reduce the time citizens spend in pre-trial detention before seeing a judge
  • Improve the legal, policy, and regulatory framework for Haiti’s justice system
  • Enhance the judiciary’s role as an independent, credible, and effective authority
  • Improve access to justice and the protection of rights
  • Strengthen civil society constituencies, equipping them to pursue reform in the justice sector