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Final Report: Haiti Justice Sector Strengthening Program .

Project Report | January 31, 2022

The front page of the final report titled "Haiti Justice Sector Strengthening Program." Includes an image of two men shaking hands.

The Haiti Justice Sector Strengthening Program (JSSP) improved the country’s legal framework, protected citizens’ lawful rights, and improved accountability and oversight within the justice system.

Haiti needed a functional justice system for its citizens to emancipate economic development and lift Haiti out of extreme poverty To do so, JSSP used strategies with various stakeholders to adopt a modernized Haitian penal procedural code, replacing the outdated 1835 version. Legislations to accompany the code, such as the laws on prosecutors, and the executive orders were drafted as well. JSSP successfully implemented a new Case Management Information System (CMIS) across 13 jurisdictions. By establishing the CMIS in courts throughout the country, JSSP revolutionized court operations and the justice sector at large. This final report sums up the accomplishments of the project throughout its implementation.