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Final Report: Adaptation Thought Leadership and Assessments (ATLAS) .

Project Report | April 30, 2020

The front page of the final report titled "Five Years' Progress on Climate Resilient Development." Includes an illustration of a globe made up of several words including Resilience, ATLAS, Vulnerability, and Tools, among others.

This final report describes how the ATLAS activity provided capabilities and resources to better integrate climate adaptation into communities across the world.

USAID’s Adaptation Thought Leadership and Assessments (ATLAS) activity launched in 2014 to assist the Agency and its partners in refining approaches and promoting best practices in designing and managing climate-resilient program investments. ATLAS conducted user-tailored climate vulnerability assessments, provided thought leadership on emerging climate adaptation issues, and contributed knowledge and capacity-building to USAID, its partners, and the broader climate adaptation community. This final report provides an outline of the activity’s scope and approach, the initiatives and highlights implemented across the world, and recommendations for future climate adaptation activities.