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Sadiki Lotha Laiser Headshot

Chief of Party Sadiki Lotha Laiser

Sadiki Lotha Laiser has 17 years of experience in environmental, natural resources management, livelihoods & wellbeing, policy planning, and governance. He has led departments, units, consultants, and experienced teams that delivered science-policy and decision-making interfaces across socio-economic, environmental, political, and cultural areas in the African region.

Sadiki currently leads the USAID Heshimu Bahari Project in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. He has strong technical and institutional capabilities in sustainable natural resource management including coordinated research, planning, project and program implementation, capacity development, and networking. He has led research, diagnostic, and baseline studies and translated them into policy. Sadiki has also led projects and programs and has increased livelihood that impacted more than one million beneficiaries in the African region.

Sadiki has collaborated and networked with financing agencies, governments, research organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. He has supported the development of environmental conservation policies, mechanisms, frameworks, and Institutions and has led high-level advocacy at the national and international levels.

by Sadiki Lotha Laiser

3 Questions with Sadiki Laiser on Taking Local Action to Respect the Ocean

Overfishing and the effects of climate change are challenging the resilience of Tanzania’s biodiverse marine protect areas (MPAs), but USAID Tanzania Heshimu Bahari Activity (Respect the Ocean), led by Chief of Party Sadiki Laiser, will strengthen management of protected areas and wild-caught fisheries to ensure these vital natural resources are protected. Sadiki Laiser explains what…