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Climate & Environment Director, U.K. Division Carlos Quintela

Carlos E. Quintela is a program manager with 30 years of experience in the management of donor-supported initiatives with governments, non-government organizations, indigenous groups and the private sector. He currently serves as climate & environment director of Chemonics’s U.K. Division. Previously Mr. Quintela served as chief of party of the SERVIR Support activity, USAID Mozambique Coastal City Adaptation project, USAID Peru Environmental Management and Forest Governance Support activity (Peru Bosques), and USAID Environment and Labor Excellence for CAFTA-DR program. He has managed and supported projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, including Afghanistan, in different technical areas, including climate change adaptation and mitigation; forestry policy, trade and private sector engagement; clean production with small and medium sized enterprises; environmental compliance regulations and methods; environmental policy and regulatory reform; environmental sustainability of selected agricultural commodities; sustainable finance instruments, and application of earth observation to sustainable development problems.

by Carlos Quintela

3 Questions with Carlos E. Quintela on Climate Change Adaptation

Some people still talk about climate change as if it is a future threat, rather than something we are facing now. Is this a challenge in your work in Mozambique? We deal with this every day—there is this absence of urgency about what’s going on. There’s still a confusion about disaster risk reduction and climate…