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Director, Land Innovation Fund for Sustainable Livelihoods Carlos Quintela

For over 30 years, Carlos E. Quintela has managed environment, climate, and sustainable finance programs. In 2020, he joined the Land Innovation Fund for Sustainable Livelihoods, established by Cargill and implemented by Chemonics. As a director and senior advisor for climate and environment at Chemonics, he led several USAID-funded projects: SERVIR and Climate Services Support Activity, a joint initiative of NASA and USAID; the Mozambique Coastal City Adaptation Project; the Peru Bosques Project; and the Environmental and Labor Excellence for CAFTA-DR Program in Central America and the Dominican Republic. At the Andean Development Corporation, he led the Sustainable Development Department and the establishment of the Latin American Carbon Program. He was director of Bolivia’s National Fund for the Environment, one of the first environmental funds in Latin America, and a founding member and first chairman of the Conservation Finance Alliance that organized the sustainable finance program at the 5th IUCN’s World Parks Congress.

by Carlos Quintela

3 Questions with Carlos E. Quintela on Climate Change Adaptation

Some people still talk about climate change as if it is a future threat, rather than something we are facing now. Is this a challenge in your work in Mozambique? We deal with this every day—there is this absence of urgency about what’s going on. There’s still a confusion about disaster risk reduction and climate…