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Restoring Forests in Northern Haiti .

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Reforestation Project

Project Dates: September 2017 - August 2022
In Northern Haiti, deforestation and mangrove loss are putting communities, conservation efforts, and environmental governance at risk.

Deforestation in Haiti is driven by a variety of factors — demand for wood-based fuels, high population density, lack of resources in rural areas, and weak enforcement of natural resource regulations. For communities in Northern Haiti, economic and environmental vulnerabilities have escalated deforestation and reduced forest cover in the region’s watersheds. USAID’s Reforestation Project is working with target communities to develop and implement watershed management plans to increase forest and perennial tree cover, while also raising incomes and bolstering food security. The project takes a holistic, community-based approach to designing and carrying out the watershed management plans for various ecosystems in the region. Such efforts will cultivate trained and empowered local communities and authorities that can continue implementing their watershed management plans.

Project Goals

  • Reduce the threat of deforestation, focusing on the role of the wood-fuels and construction market as deforestation drivers in Haiti
  • Improve resilience to economic and natural shocks by strengthening agro-forestry and animal husbandry as ways to generate income
  • Increase tree cover in targeted areas and boost communities’ investments in tree management and soil and water conservation practices
  • Improve environmental governance to develop sub-watershed management plans and foster local community ownership of those plans
A graphic showing a tall tree standing between a green field and an arid desert. The tree is healthy and growing on the green field side, while leafless and dry on the desert side. Overlaid is the text "How is USAID Combating Climate Change in Haiti?"

USAID Haiti – Earth Day 2021

USAID’s Reforestation Project, in partnership with Chemonics, helps Haiti fight climate change through reforestation while supporting local farming economies.

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