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A Roadmap for Conservation in Colombia .

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Natural Wealth Program

Project Dates: March 2017 - September 2022
With its peace accord underway, the government of Colombia is pursuing conservation and sustainable rural development goals that will help achieve stability and lasting peace.

In December 2015, Colombia’s President Juan Manual Santos made a historic commitment to Colombia’s conservation efforts, promising to expand the National Protected Area System by 2.5 million hectares. The government of Colombia is also pursuing expansive rural development that aligns with its peace accord with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). To support these efforts, the USAID Natural Wealth program is laying out a roadmap for conservation-oriented development. Additionally, the program illuminates how conservation may contribute to sustainable economic development. The program assists the government of Colombia with preserving biodiversity in the Caribbean region’s tropical dry forest and the Orinoquia region’s grasslands and freshwater ecosystems. Together, the program, public and private sector stakeholders, and local communities are improving how these critical ecosystems are managed as they build strong partnerships rooted in a common desire to advance conservation.

Project Goals

  • Increase areas under legal protection and strengthen their management and financing by promoting innovative, cost-effective strategies
  • Build local capacity and non-traditional partnerships to conserve biodiversity
  • Generate sustainable income streams linked to conservation and promote best environmental practices in the agriculture sector
  • Engage the private sector and communities to overcome barriers to and create incentives for conservation
  • Convene conservation coalitions to promote accountable governance and the mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation in land-use and development planning

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE by USAID publications on Exposure

Video screenshot of Camilo Arreaza Chaparro talking, wearing a brown hat and coral t-shirt

Colombia’s Carbon Stewards: Sustainable Ranchers in the Savannas

This video is part of our docuseries on Communities and Carbon in Colombia and highlights the experience of cattle ranchers in the savannas.

Colombia’s Carbon Stewards: Piangueras in the Pacific Coast

This video is part of our docuseries on Communities and Carbon in Colombia and highlights the experience of Afro-Colombian clam harvesters and those protecting against deforestation and forest degradation on Colombia's Pacific coast. 

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Colombia’s Carbon Stewards: The Misak in the Páramos

This video is part of our docuseries on Communities and Carbon in Colombia and highlights the experience of the Indigenous Misak community in Colombia's high Andes ecosystems (páramos).

A man speaking in front of a painting of two smiling women.

Inclusive Program Design for Indigenous Communities in Colombia

Staff from the USAID Colombia Natural Wealth program and the Colombia Rural Finance Initiative discuss how each project designed their activities to be inclusive of indigenous communities.

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